DESSERT I can eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s just say that my awesome day was capped off by the fact that I could eat the dessert that I made today!!!!!!!!!!

However, lets get to the day. ‘Adventures of L&M’ is what I titled it as Liz and I walked to the Train station after taking measurements of the 30 Day Shred. She quickly snipped back ‘Not to be confused with S&M’. Thank you Liz.

Went to the Perth City Markets and I asked this cute man if I could take pictures of his bread…I miss bread. It’s organic w/ spinach. Sounds fabulous to gut cringed.


Liz had this fabulous pretzel. I had about ½ an inch of a bite of it. It was good. Not American, but good.


We walked through the city of Northbridge (super dodgey at night…Jena—who came along with us—has walked around it at night. I would have slapped her had I known earlier). However, there’s this cute organic/bulk shop called Kakula Brothers. There’s one in Fremantle called Kakula Sisters.


After that we headed back on the train to Subiaco to their markets. We have markets in Fremantle, however everyone raves of these markets. So I had to see what the BIG deal was. No mistake. Cheaper, not touristy…fabulous! I was only going to get two avocados..dang it.


Liz and I had some yummy ginger chicken at a local restaurant before heading back to Fremantle.


I decided that since Liz was such a trooper today touring around, that I’d cook her dinner. I would like to take a simple moment to say two things:

  1. I feel like I am FINALLY coming out of ‘missing’ things. I had this great epiphany this weekend during my four days of internal dialogue. Missing things only makes my life less bearable, wallow-filled, and binge filled. I got over missing the ex (although a part of me will always), missing sugar, missing ice cream, missing things. Yeah, I didn’t eat totally properly this past week—but I tracked every damn thing I put into my mouth and only lost .3lbs this week—go figure. But the power of not missing things have washed over and damn DAMN it feels AMAZING.
  2. I want to learn to cook for my gut. I did some test runs this past week while touring around. I honestly think that my gut hates sugar and milk equally. Then gluten doesn’t help it at all either. Thus the SCD is what I have to adhere to. Coupling that with not missing things..I need to step outside of the box and make new things that I wouldn’t normally make or think about making.

The menu:

Chicken w/ tomato-basil-garlic-olive oil puree marinade
Tomato-avocado-basil-cucumber-olive oil-balsamic salad
Pureed Pumpkin w/ sautéed onions and garlic

Apple/Date crumble w/ sautéed bananas and raisins


Before the pictures, lets just say that the meal was fabulous. It was SO NICE TO BE ABLE TO SHARE A DESSERT with someone else and think to myself..this won’t affect me!

Well kids, I will have to leave it at that. If you want the recipes for anything e-mail me on

Be good.

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