Day 2: Fire, OMG, It’s a FIRE!

This is a back post of my time driving a bus full of 20 American girls down south…I hope that you enjoy it!

I started my day off with a nice strong decaf Long Black.


Now that I’ve given up caffeine, I think that coffee is mostly mental. I mean you can’t deny the fact–at least not now–that caffeine gives me a buzz. But the need to have a coffee is mostly mental in my opinion…it’s a habit. A habit I am ok in caving into.

After my coffee we were peacefully driving and then all of the sudden there was fire everywhere around us. I am in a bus full of 20 American girls who are panicking at this point…as well as myself…what the h–l am I going to do? Driving through this crazy fire that is heating the left side of my bus up? Try and back up the bus on a totally busy road and wait til it’s out?

Just at the moment of wanting to bail, this forest ranger came up and said

Would you like an escort?

Umm, that would be great thanks.

So our little bus got escorted through the pre-planned fire…how cute. There were tons of these pre-planned forest burns throughout the weekend…did I mention that I love the smell of fires? It brings back great memories of childhood. You can see more about this on ThePioneerWomans website.


We survived. Panicking subsided.

We stayed at this fabulous little cottage in the middle of nowhere. It’s good for the little ones (Adult students) go get out of the city.


Then making dinner was hilarious. We decided to make tomato soup and grilled cheese, except that we didn’t have a can opener. Thank goodness for resourceful leaders who are trained teachers :)….use a wine opener.

p1010469The damage.

More fire!p1010471

I slept like a baby. I was exhausted and a bit charred.

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