Day 3: I could buy that!

this is a back post of my time down south driving a bus load of 20 American girls.

The day started off with an early morning visit to the Lavender Farm. I have been there before and have heard nothing but amazing reviews of their scones. I haven’t ever had one, but honestly they say that there amazing. Exhibit A


Then I’ve also heard that their pancakes w/ fresh and warm berry sauce topped with the most creamy ice cream I’ve ever seen is equally or if not better than the scones. Exhibit B


Then I found out that the Lavender Farm and all it’s baking, goods, products, amazing location is FOR SALE. I could live in this awesome place.


All I need is 2 million dollars.

We then headed out for about a 1 1/2 hour drive to the Valley Of The Giants. If you ever get to WA, you need to go here. It’s amazing. You get to climb on a suspended metal walk-way about 180 feet above the ground. It’s like you’re walking through the tree tops..hence it’s name of the ‘Tree Top Walk’.


We then travelled to the ‘Ugg’ boot factory. Actually it’s called Jassi Leather and Uggs. However, since it didn’t say ‘ugg’ on the back girls didn’t want them. Whatever. I got to sit on this huge chair, I felt small.


Drove back home. Went on a fabulous walk behind the house before dinner. There’s just something loverly about walking around and being stared about by cows.

Then the best part of the night, which I shouldn’t have indulged in, S’Mores by campfire.


I was exhausted. I think I went to sleep at 9:30pm.

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