‘I made muffins, can you eat them?’

I just have to say that I’ve had a crap day…I don’t know why…actually it’s because I didn’t work out this morning. Then when I don’t do that I feel all clutter minded at work…and overwhelmed. I am also stressing out cause I have two student events that I am running and we aren’t selling tickets and it isn’t going according to my little plan in my brain. So that makes me annoyed, grumpy, and scattered. Sorry for venting.


I have amazing co-workers. Cate e-mails me first thing ‘I made corn and capsicum muffins for morning tea, can you eat them?’ How cute is that. My co-workers know what’s going on with me, I just was touched by the thought.Then I freaked out..I have oven competition on my hands. Look at these delicious muffins!


Needless to say with these muffins and my starwberry shortcake E had a fabulous morning tea.

I then headed to the Docs office to get shots/needles for my vaccinations needed for Timor. 200.00 later and one sore arm I am apparently good to go. The Doc looks at me and goes, you might want to get this 150.00 medication just in case you have the runs..I said back to her..yeah I know what that’s like. She laughed. I also got malaria tablet medication..gross.


Lunch–Thai Beef Salad


Munched on almonds, celery and tomato

Came home starving so I mashed 1 banana, 1 TB of almond butter and 1 TB of raisins together. I should have had a more substancial afternoon snack. Dinner was left over marinara sauce w/ brocoli and pumpking over fried zucchini ‘noodles’


Off to go play soccer–we’re going to get killed like always–then meetings, Shred, meeting, bed.

2 thoughts on “‘I made muffins, can you eat them?’

  1. Mish says:

    Thanks Michelle. Yeah I went running/walking this morning and did level 2 shred. I am exhausted right now..looking forward to a good day at work. I am going to voluenteer in Timor. I have a friend who’s been up there for about a year running a clinic. I have ALWAYS wanted to vol. abroad and now I finally get to!

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