Sore w/ a sad gut

Good morning everyone.

I am laying in my bed, trying to motivate myself to get up and do one of two or possibly two workouts. I have  3 mile run and Level 2 of the Shred to get accomplished today.

My body is sore. My shoulders are sore and so are my outer thighs. I love LOVE feeling sore. However, with all of this working out I need to get my rear into bed earlier than 11pm for a 5:45am wake-up (I have pressed snooze a couple of times this morning 🙂 already).

Also, my gut is pissed off due to the baking bites that I ate last night while making strawberry shortcake. Stupid decision. Well, life is a process of learning from mistakes is all that I have to say. The problem is that if I go running I run the risk of having to run to the toilet at some point. See stupid decision.

On a completely happy note, I have been really making efforts to stay connected with my family. Going down south made me realise that in some ways staying in Australia for as long as I have is  selfish endeavour on my part. I know that my family supports me, thanks guys, but I miss them deeply. Here’s my siblings w/ my dad when I went home during Thanksgiving. Now if they only visited me…..


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