Finally a CHEF!

Guess What!!!! I am going down south again! Super excited not even going to lie about it. We have a long weekend this weekend so I am going to go down with my friend Jena (picture after a sweaty soccer game).


I have made two different CDs for the ride ‘Country Ho-Down’ and ‘Shake it don’t break it’.

Five hour car drive tonight down to Albany, WA. Going to venture out tomorrow and hike around the Natural’s amazing.

p1010128Then maybe see some blow holes.


Then the next day we’re headed to Denmark..not the country just the town. It’s my MOST favourite down in the whole world…well maybe not the whole world…but the whole of WA. That night we’re headed to a party where everyone has to dress-up as something that starts with a ‘C’. Me..a Chef! (picture when I was home baking..the closest I had to keep your eyes from getting bored of text.)


I am excited to get away again. Not even going to lie about it. It was a spontaneous decisions that I made to go down south, but I am all about living in the moment. Jena and I are doing the shred together this weekend..we’ve even packed out weights…help us God!

Happy cow tipping!

3 thoughts on “Finally a CHEF!

  1. michelle says:

    so jealous…doing assignments but would rather be in Albany especially since Purusha and i have a shouse there now (shed-house). You should go hike in the stirling ranges…Tulbrenup is one of my favorites to climb 🙂

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