Committed to it.

I am offically in Albany WA! It’s gorgeous here. It’s a large town right along the coast line. It’s amazing. It vacillates between sunny and dark and rainy. JUST LIKE HOME.


Today has been all about being ‘Committed to it’.

I shredded this morning–Level 2. It’s hilarious I am staying at a friend’s house w/ his two roommates. I was bouncing around sweating this morning with people I didn’t even know. Commitment! (I love the dog!)


My friend Jena and I then went to the windfarm. It’s this awesome location outside of Albany which has 12 windmills which provides 80% of the energy needed for the town. How great is that. Here’s one of the windmills which Albany committed to having in order to have green energy.


Then we decided to hike down the HUGE amount of stairs, knowing full well that we had to be committed to walking back up.


A little plant that is committed to growing the harsh rocks of the ocean.


Then Jena and I headed to the local farmers market. Can I just say that it’s amazing! The commitment of the town to being green is something to be noticed. Jena stated that it was the greenest town in ALL of Australia! Just my kind of town. We bought all of the meat and veggies we’d need for tonights curry. I loved it so much it was awesome.


I love that the theme of commitment was circling my brain today and that I’d could find myself and other people enforcing positive commitments. I feel very refreshed down here and honestly I love it. It’s so amazing, I love the rain, I love being away from everything and I feel grounded. Loving a committed life!

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