Wait….I like being single

So why am I going on a date at 7pm?

Dang it!

I am going on a date with a guy I met online. Yeah I know..silly. But it’s the truth. I find it incredibly hard to find men here and in a moment of complete tiredness…I signed up and did the eharmony quiz. About two weeks later *Dan* contacted me and wanted to start chatting. Well, that meant that I had to actually officially sign-up for the damn thing which I did at 1:30am on a random night. Now I have no idea why I did it..but I did.

It’s been about a month of exchanging silly eharmony (although I’d say it works if you’re patient) steps, HUGE e-mails and 2 phone calls and some text messages.

I am going on a date!

The first date in a YEAR…holy crap. It was a year ago that things started happening between my ex…Anzac Weekend. Anyways then of course when you go on a date, you have to shave your legs, make sure you have a good outfit on (I have been feeling a bit snacky today and have dipped into the amazing honey that I bought this weekend way too much…I am going to do the shred before I go out just so that I mentally feel better about myself). Make sure that your armpits aren’t hairy, not put too much make up on, get your hair did up nicely..blah. Then try and decide what to eat, not eat too quickly, not say something stupid..wine or no wine? BLAH.

Then do you text or not text..wait to call or call.

What I’ve learned this time around is that in my opinion a woman can’t full-on chase the guy. Further, the more you let it marinade and give it room to breathe–like a bottle of red–the better it becomes…or it was just off from the get go.

Well here’s to smooth legs, potentially awkward conversations and a great blog post.

p.s. I still like being single.

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