Great day, unhappy gut–what is going on?

Hey there and good morning. Just wanted to post about my day yesterday because I woke up this morning feeling like crap and the toilet was my first stop. Yeah I know that’s gross and someone of you are thinking ‘why is this girl talking about this’ well..because I don’t know what the hell is going on with my stomach. I have to go to the doctors in 1 week from this coming Tuesday and what do I have to say for myself…my stupid gut feels like it’s getting more and more sensitive and it’s driving me crazy. Thus, I am going back on the intro diet for SCD which means that today and tomorrow I only eat the following things:

  • Beef, Chicken or fish
  • Eggs
  • boiled carrots
  • homemade yogurt–on a mission today to find a homemade yogurt machine

I am pissed frankly, because I went out and spent 18.00 on coconut flour and honestly I am not sure if the fiber in the flour set me off or what happened..either way I am not too excited about how I am feeling. Today. However, my day yesterday was let’s begin with breakfast.


was it the black beans? most likely not

Then I had a banana and in the SCD it’s outlined that bananas have to be super ripe maybe it was the banana.

For lunch Ervina and I went to Juice Beetroot…this vegan organic cafe which I LOVE!!!!

p1010856This is Ervina with a bottle of wine that I bought her because it’s almost the title of her blog…she loved it. This is me with my salad platter: Beetroot w/ carrots and sunflower seed — Carrot and Brocoli w/ snow peas — Beetroot w/ greenbeans and feta which I picked out — Dahl and some spicy topping made with chili, corriander and lime. All of this should have been gut friendly. maybe it wasn’t.


Maybe it was the beautiful flowers that my sister sent me…maybe just maybe.

p1010954Then I had about 2 cups of green grapes. After work I had some dates along with the Beef Pumpkin Stew and a salad with another banana that wasn’t ripe enough. Maybe it was the banana.


maybe it was the melted cheese on top…but I’ve eaten cheese before.


maybe it was the one tsp of honey that I put on the salad w/ olive oil…maybe it was the un-0verrippened banana

I went out with some friends. Ordered at peppermint tea and had about 1 tsp of a churro and 1 tsp of melted chocolate maybe it was that.

Then I came home and ate some coconut bread w/ melted butter and honey maybe it was that. Maybe it’s the coconut flour..maybe it has too much fiber.


I am sure that it’s either the two bananas that I ate or the chocolate churro thing–although I harly had any. Either way I am really upset. My gut has been acting up. So I ate three fried eggs for breakfast and probably will eat a chicken breast for lunch and dinner tonight..maybe some boiled carrots. I know it sounds extreme but my gut needs to be cleansed again. I have to be VERY strict with this. I think that I have been thinking or willing myself to be ok..and it’s not working. I have to totally stick to it. I am ok with that..a month ago I wouldn’t have been. Going to shred, go to the markets then hopefully drive out to go and get a yogurt maker so that I can finally start making yogurt for myself!

Send me positive thoughts and prayers. My gut will love you. Happy chicken day..cause baby I am glad that there are chickens and my gut loves them.

5 thoughts on “Great day, unhappy gut–what is going on?

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, I found your blog through Real Food Lover. Your post title from this day, which I realize is all the way back in May, drew me in. I hope you have solved some of your issues but I wanted to tell you my major observation in your food intake that day. You had fruit after almost every meal and in basic food combining, fruit should not be eaten with anything else nor should it be eaten after a meal. Fruit digests quicker than any other food and by eating a large meal like your breakfast with beans and then eating a banana, you can feel awful. As the beans digest in your stomach, the banana just sort of sits there waiting for everything else to digest before it is its turn. During that time, the banana is breaking down and causing gas and indigestion. Hope this is helpful!

    • Mish says:

      That is so interesting Lisa. I have ‘sorted’ out my food stuff. However, I still battle sometimes. When would you say that fruit should be eaten?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Mish, general food combining rules say that fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach. So best times to eat fruit are about 2-3 hours after you eat anything else. Breakfast is a great time to eat fruit because you allow your digestive system to ease into working again after fasting. You can also have 2-3 hours after your last meal and about 30 minutes before your next one. So if you plan to have a salad and an apple for lunch, eat the apple first, then wait 30 minutes then eat lunch. Additionally, when eating multiple fruits, it’s best to eat them separately and melons should be eaten separately because they require different enzymes for digestion. I would recommend that you read a bit more about food combining and experiment a bit to make sure that it works with you personally. What I’ve outlined are more general guidelines that I have read about and some of which I practice.

    • Mish says:

      Lisa..thank you so much. i actually waited today for about 2 hours to have some strawberries. i am really going to look into this. I think it will def. help me out even more.

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