Prop it with a knife

Hey there.

I would like to say that I have an amazing sister. As I’ve stated over the past two days I have really struggled with my gut and it’s raring it’s ugly head and I am not sure why. I called my sister and talked with her for a long time this morning (I am using all of my mobile phone credit up) and bawled. There’s something sweetly refreshing about hearing your sister demand that you get all of the medical tests that you need. It is hard, I don’t mean to complain, but I don’t make tons of money. Travelling home for Christmas will cost about 4,500.00…or a colonoscopy w/ labs and other pathology and follow-up appointments. I am twenty five and the last thing I want to do is borrow or ask for money from my family. I WANT TO DO IT ON MY OWN. However, I’ve come to realise that sometimes–in medical cases–allowing family to help is not a bad thing. That it’s ok.

After that, I showered and hung out for the last time with my friend Jillian and Alison (she brought my butterscotch chips..god love her). I had a peppermint tea and broke down and succumbed to the fruit gods–apple and grapes.


I then headed home to eat mince, spinach and eggs.


Nicole and I headed to Harvey Norman to find an electric yogurt maker. I need to get a yogurt maker that can be at set to a certain temperature for 24 hours…it is what my gut apparently will love. Well after calling around this morning, to try and not drive a long ways to be disappointed, I was assured that indeed there was a yogurt maker. SUPER excited we drove forty minutes to Harvey Norman and hurried to the electronic section. Well kids….it was a dud. They did have an electric yogurt maker, but it shut off with a temperature control and thus it wouldn’t work for me. 😦 I got in the car and said I feel defeated but I won’t be taken down.

I came home..starving..and had 2 pears and 1 apple microwaved..yeah I know a lot of fruit. I am thinking that it might be fruit which is causing me problems..we’ll see tomorrow morning. If it is..then I will reduce my intake–sad.

I then researched like crazy about how to make yogurt w/o a yogurt maker because there’s no yogurt makers that I can buy in Australia..sad. So I am currently using my oven at 110-100 C for 24 hours to see if it works. If it works I might cry. Just might. After running around getting yogurt starters, thermometers, and milk I went out for coffee with my friend Sarah and her little one Lochalin.


I then watched Nicole make Seven Layer Bars…I only had 1 butterscotch chip..I am damn proud of myself. I will be posting the recipe tomorrow cause I don’t have the offical measurements. Let’s just say that they look amazing. My mouth was watering, my gut was screaming.


I am supposed to be going on a date tomorrow with *Dan* but honestly I am not feeling it. If I am not feeling it, baby it aint gonna go nowhere. I am not sure if it’s because he doesn’t get me going -or- the fact that I sat and thought about things we could do and he wasn’t enthusiastic at all -or- I am not ready. Whatever, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Happy gut…I think it’s back. Thank god for cows and chickens.

4 thoughts on “Prop it with a knife

    • Mish says:

      I think so to. We’ll see if I pick this today or not. He’s boring over the phone, says ‘like’ a lot and is indecisive. I want a man to take charge…I don’t want to constantly be the decision maker and I already feel like that.

      Hope home is treating you well.

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