Post-Date Wrap Up

Here are some interesting conversations which I had with *Dan* today.

Me: So yeah I have what they think is Crohn’s Disease which means I can’t have gluten etc.
Dan: So that means it must be really hard for you to bake now that you can’t try anything
Me: It’s hard at times, but honestly I have found coconut flour so there’s lots that I can make and not be too worried about missing things.
Dan: Where do you find coconut flour?
Me: I had to get it from a specialty food shop
Dan: Maybe you can try some shops around here, I mean like, maybe like they might have some cause maybe Singaporians use it.

Really? Singaporians….hummm

Background: I have gone up the Northern Western Australia, ‘The Kimberly’, and have worked and lived alongside Aboriginal People four different times on school related’s probably some of my fondest memories.

At an art museum looking at Aborigional Artwork
Dan: I just have never understood, appreciated or found the art in Aboriginal art. I mean what is it exactly saying?
Me: Well I guess artwork is in the eye of the beholder, but honestly I think it’s probably some of the most interesting art out there. Further, the amount of time and energy that is put into doing the artwork to capture the stories from their culture is amazing.
Dan: Yeah I guess so.

Walking up the stairs after my snidish remark above
Dan: So, like umm, like what do Abrogional people do? I mean what are they like? Like how do they live?
Me: They’re just like every other human being. They struggle because their civilisation has been robbed of their culture and ability to proclaim themselves as such.

He’s a lovely guy, but boring and way too complacent. When I got on the train to come home, I literally bolted, I really thought about my ex. Yes, what he has said to me at the end of our relationship isn’t ok..However I CRAVE intellectual ability, decision making, a strong man who is confident and knows his place. I crave a man.

I am happy being single.

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