A confession

Let’s just say that I am still beaming from ear to ear after the little note that I got this morning. It just makes me happy inside..and for that I feel like I’ve had a little dose of goodness plopped into my life.

This morning I started off with Fruit ‘Porridge‘ which held me over until lunch. Lunch was a Tuna Salad w/o the nasty mayo over a delicious salad. YUMMY.


I snacked on about 4 dates..yeah I know it’s a lot..but I love them. For dinner I had a salad w/ ginger fried apples, carrots, capsicum over lettuce and tomato tossed w/ 1 TB of HOMEMADE YOGURT mixed with 1 TB of HOMEMADE almond milk and 1 tsp of curry powder. I though in about 2 TB of shredded coconut. I have to say for throwing something together it was pretty darn tasty.

Yes..homemade yogurt. Let me tell you that this baby takes forever. 36 hours of is a pretty intense process. I’ll post the SCD yogurt recipe later, but The short of the long is: boil milk, cool milk, place in a water bath at 100-110F for 24 hours, fridge for 8, then strain for two hours. A labour of love. It’s full-cream..next time I am going to try skim milk. It’s amazing..honestly it’s so damn good. My gut doesn’t hate it either which is even more amazing.


Then I looked on LittleGreenBites and found a homemade Almond Milk recipe. So easy. This is my almond milk w/ 2 TB of honey in it..I think that next time I wont add the honey to it.


Ok I am honestly so tired that the words are blurring in front of me and it’s 7:48pm. What is WRONG with me? I have to think of something creative for you tomorrow morning to get your sweat on. Confession: I forgot to bring my laptop home tonight so I didn’t do Level 1. However, will do two tomorrow to make up for it. Dang it! šŸ™‚

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