Tuna Salad w/o the nasty mayo

Tuna Salad w/o the nasty mayo
1 serve


1 hard boiled egg diced up small
1/4 of an avocado
2-3 TB of SCD Yogurt of any plain yogurt
1 small can of tuna drained
I added 1 tsp of curry powder

1. Dice up boiled egg
2. Place egg and avocado into a small bowlp1011075
3. Add in 2-3 TB of SCD Yogurt (mine was strained so it was thick). If yours isn’t thick you might only need 2TB. As well as the curry powder if you want it.
4. Then add the can of drained tuna

5. Salt and Pepper and mash all together.
I put mine over a salad
p1011087But you could throw it in pasta, in a sandwhich, in a tuna melt or whatever you want. You could also add celery, onions, different seasonings, apples..whatever you want. The big thing is that you can make it without having to use gross mayo. 🙂

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