I just want to RIP IT OUT

warning: I am SO FRUSTRATED!

I don’t know what is going on…I am doing everything I can to keep myself on the straight and narrow with my diet and I can’t seem to get anything to f-ing work. I don’t even know why I bloody try. Honestly, I might as well just eat ice cream…because the result is the same.

It’s like I go from super highs of ‘this might actually work’ to ‘nope try again’.

I have no answers..except that protein and vegetables love me. It is taking every, every last ounce of me not to give up. Not to just honestly start screaming I QUIT this stupid crap.

I just want to RIP IT OUT.

sorry, but you’re reading about my life..so I thought I would just share. I am going to go to bed. Wake up and eat some meat.

2 thoughts on “I just want to RIP IT OUT

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh sweetheart! I don’t know what to say. But things will probably seem better in the morning.

    You know what it is like with these things – two steps backwards for each one forward. But you were getting there and you still will.

    But yep your blog is here to sound off. Well, it’s here for whatever you want. And in general you are so very positive – you can’t be like that always. No-one can.

    Big hugs xxx

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