SJC Day 3 May 5th

SJC Day 3 May 5th

It’s all about cardio today..almost.

30 High Kneesbring those knees up as high as you can as fast as you can. 30 doesn’t mean left knee 1, right knee 2. It means left knee 1, right knee, left knee 2.

25 Plie squat punches–(this is not me!) This squat is meant to work you inner thighs. As with all squats make sure that you knees doesn’t go over your ankle.
-The deeper/wider you go the more you work your inner thighs
-Punch across your body and keep your core Abs tight–not only will you be working your thighs and arms a bit, but also your core.
-Again, Left arm is the number count, right is just there for the ride. Increase number on the left arm only.


20 Standing Rear Leg LiftsLeft side first, then Right side. Make sure not to lean forward too much. It’s a small range of motion that is to lift your arse to a nice tight level. ‘you could bounce a quarter off of that’.

30 Butt KicksTake your heels up to your rear as fast as you can. Left leg is counter leg. Kick Your Butt Into Gear.

50 Jump RopesPretend that you have a jump rope. Every time your feet hit the ground is an increase in the numbers.

10 push-ups

This is to be done THREE times through!

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