Then I said a (back handed) prayer

Hey there…am writing during my lunch break at work after maybe…maybe…consuming three pears today.


This morning I started off, after I complained  on my blog, with Day 4 of the SJC. My abs were screaming! I then downed a 6 egg white omlete with 1 TB of cheese. With a cup of ginger tea.


Snack was 1 c. of red grapes and 1 pear.


As I was walking back from the grocery store with my loot…I saw the ‘Mish, you’ve gained weight’ girl. I looked at her throwing daggers in her direction (not literally)..then decided to take the higher road. I said (mentally) ‘Lord, please bless her with compassion’. Is that a backhanded prayer?

Lunch was about 1 1/2 c. of mashed butternut squash w/ 2 eggs cracked into it. It was ok. But I would consider this more of a morning thing…so when I eat something that doesn’t fit into that ‘meal’ at the time I eat it..I don’t feel as satisfied..does that happen to you?


Then I had two more pears..maybe. I really probably shouldn’t have had so much fruit. Dang it. We’ll see how my stomach reacts. They weren’t ripe enough either. I said we’ll see how my stomach reacts.

Anyways, am not eating any more fruit for the day. I am a fruit whore..I could eat it all damn day long. I am going home and doing another round of SJC tonight and then soccer practice from 7pm-8:30pm. Oh wait…yeah I am joining a club soccer team. 🙂


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