LIFE in a book and a bag

Hey there,

Just writing a little post about some of my most favorite, recent purchases…

I got this bag at a local Thrift Shop for 8.00. Honestly this would have gone for about 30.00 at the local crappy Target. I also have a hard time spending money on purses…so getting a cute purse for under 10.00 was reasonable to me.


Then my co-worker Ervina brought this bag back with her from the trip and told me it was my ‘date’ bag, because it was soft. It hasn’t gone out yet..waiting for the right guy 😉


Then I got this awesome bag! I LOVE IT! I USE IT EVERY DAY! They’re called Envirosax. Ok, the first thing about them is that they are compact and lightweight.


The best part is that you get to unwrap them and it’s like a present.


Then I also bought this fruit tea which pretty much makes me whole entire day.


I just love these purchases above. They really made my whole entire week. Something else that made my week was the purchase of these books. They make my gut happy. The two books below have been written by women who are on the SCD and swear by it. The recipes are really make taco shells out of provolone cheese that’s been baked in the oven and thrown over a broom handle. Totally creative.


Ervina and I went on a little journey to the local bookshop and I found this book. I really like it..well to be honest I haven’t totally read through it but I am going to and post some of the quotes from it. It just makes me smile.


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