Sales Rack Girl

Hello there. Good morning, good night, good evening. It’s 7:55pm and I am exhausted. Although I feel like I might get second wind that will hopefully catapult me into cleaning my house. I have a SUPER busy Saturday tomorrow (helping with a agency I am the treasurer for and then do catering for a c0-workers wedding reception). How do I let my weekends go like this? Actually it’s a blessing because sometimes I honestly get really lonely if I am just doing nothing on the weekends..well friends no time to be lonely today.

I decided that today I was just going to eat meat/veg and try out some fruit to see if it affected me or not. So I started off the morning with a 6 egg white omlete w/ spinach and a side of left over cauli/pumpkin/carrot mash.


I then had to deal with my friend Tom’s car..calling the road side assistance and getting it towed. He’s left for Honduras..isn’t he lucky and I’ve been stuck with his faulty car. BLAH. It’s ok though, he’s a good guy and would do it for me. I had lunch and then 2 apples and 1 grapefruit.

That’s when the fruit kicked in. I know it’s a lot of fruit, but I know that fruits that issue and apples have lots of fructose. So I am cutting back to 1 serve of lower fructose fruits tomorrow and see how I go tomorrow. I am hoping that I can stomach one serve of fruit a day, I miss it terribly. Especially with everything that I’ve already given up.

I should also say that for the first time in a VERY long time I wanted to go home. I want to breathe in the fresh country air, talk to my grandma about quilting, clean up my cussing mouth due to my cousins and kick it with my sister. I think it’s been brought on by a lot of things, mainly the fact that I don’t know what’s going on with me and I need the support.

I went on a walk to try and kick my funk, but it left me pretty useless today at work..which annoys me when I don’t have productive days. Do you ever have those type of days at work? Does it annoy you?

Anyways, came home and knew that I needed to get some shopping done. Nothing in the fridge. I am really REALLY trying to watch home much I spend per week. Which is great cause I have no desire to go out anymore because I can’t get coffees etc. So I went grocery shopping and got some loot.


I should note that I am a bargain shopper and a sales rack girl (unless it’s jeans and shoes). The tuna was 4 for $5.00 and the eggs were only 2 dollars a dozen. They’re supposed to go off in 3 days..which is perfect because I’ll hard boil about 6 of them and have enough for 3 egg white brekky omelets and I’ll be good to go! Also, the back package is a HUGE leg of a turkey that was on sale for $5.00. 1.2kg of meat for $5.00. AMAZING. So I am going to look up some recipes and maybe bust out my new slow cooker.

Before making dinner I completed todays SJC. I was sweating afterwards. One of the study abroad students is doing the SJC with me and she goes ‘Mish it’s the first day that I’ve woken up and not have been in pain.’ Thank goodness yesterday was stretching..cause today was ALL legs!


I then had a lettuce wrapped chicken burger w/ sauteed mushrooms & onions & zucchini along with 1/4 of an avocado and 1 fried egg. I then cut up some zucchini into little pencils and fried and salted them. Along w/ steamed broccoli. Man oh was good.


Tons of butter and oil to sautee..but I take one night off of WeightWatchers…Fridays. (I gained .6lbs this week, but lost inches and my pants feel great–FINALLY!)

I then ventured out and made some spinach bread. It’s cooling right now, but if it tastes good, I’ll post the recipe later. Ok, off to brain storm some good SJC moves for tomorrow. Have a wonderful day/night/afternoon.

I already feel so much better writing this blog post.

3 thoughts on “Sales Rack Girl

  1. Reluctant Blogger says:

    Oh a Coles label – I feel all homesick!

    It does sound a lot of fruit – I only eat a handful of pieces of fruit a day or my stomach goes fizzy.

    But yes, I definitely get those days. But don’t be down about them. If you are anything like me they are more than balanced out by those days when you go all hyper and get loads done. It’s quite normal to have droopy days workwise – well, anywaywise!

    Have a lovely busy weekend.

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