Catering a Reception

I have to get going so no long posts. I didn’t even take a picture of my breakfast because I was so hungry this morning.

It was an egg white omelet with spinach. AND homemade spinach bread w/ homemade cream cheese (I’ll explain more later).

This morning I have to head off in about 30 minutes into the city for some work that I am doing for a non-profit. Learn the finances ropes. Then come home, do the SJC and Shred, shower, clean if I have time, try and find a car..why?

Cause I am catering at a wedding reception!!!!! Not the full-blown thing…but here in Australia after the wedding and before the offical reception the bride and groom drive around and take pictures. So while they’re doing that I am going to be hosting drinks and finger foods at someone’s house for them. I am so excited.

Ok, gotta jet. I will take pictures and post them later. Have a fabulous day…SJC is killer..I promise.

One thought on “Catering a Reception

  1. Ashleigh says:

    You should look into getting a used Uhaul box truck for your catering events. My sister started her own catering service a couple years back and was able to purchase a ten foot used box truck from them. It worked out great for her business and it was really affordable.

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