Cinderella gettin’ Hitched

Hello friends.

Man today has been a SUPER busy day. I went into the city to help out with the finances for a vol. agency. Why did I get involved in this? Man, I am telling you I am not a girl for finacial stuff, but helping out a needy and good non-profit keeps me going. I left with my head spinning.

I was also starving so I bought a fruit salad on the way to the train station.

Lunch was amazing. 140gm of mince sauteed with onion, zuchinni and 1 small tomato. Wrapped in a lettuce bun w/ 1/4 of an avocado and 1 fried egg.


Delicious. But I think that I am batteling the hormones and am wanting fruit and sugar..what’s new?

On my way to the reception I got stopped..literally in the middle of the street by three of my study abroad students pushing shopping carts to the local grocery store.


Mish we were just looking for you

Really? Why?

Cause we’re going to be doing community dinner (three boys cooking for 30 people) and we wanted to know how much food to get.

Yes, even on a Saturday I am working…but I love it.

I went and helped out tonight at a receptionish this for a wedding. After the wedding my co-worker Sue hosted drinks for people at her house before the reception started. She wasn’t sure how many people were going to show up…not many did’s some pics of the amazing food. yes I tried many of the quiches…I couldn’t stop myself. They were too good. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

P1011162The little fruit platter I had.
P1011168Little smoked salmon quiches.
P1011171Pumpkin, tomato, fetta quiches–amazing. I might have eaten 100 of them.
P1011167My friend Nicole and I holding down the fort.

It was really fun working with Nicole outside of work. We deal with study abroad students everyday but to be in a hosting situation was awesome. It’s funny cause I’ve done this for Sue three times now and being part of her family and the families life is awesome. I decided that I would love to start a catering business where you buy the food, I prepare, plate and clean up…as long as I can be bare foot. ‘Barefoot Party Hosting’. My dream!

Then I came home, no dinner too stuffed, and cleaned my house..and mopped. Like Cinderella on my hands and knees. I love mopping and vaccumming. Hate laundry.

What domestic chores do you love?

Tomorrow is soccer! My first official game. Did I mention that I might collapse on the soccer field. Off to finish the random cake I made and do the SJC…you should do it to if you haven’ abs need it after the quiches and maybe I had some ice cream on the way home..maybe.

2 thoughts on “Cinderella gettin’ Hitched

  1. Michelle says:

    My arms and chest are screaming after all the push ups I’ve been doing, this is a great challenge! I love your necklace, and those quiches do look amazing. Good luck at your game tomorrow, I’m sure you will rock it. Have fun!!

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