SJC May 9th Day 7

May 9th Day 7

30 double crunches-lift your feet off the ground and make your legs into a 90 angle. Crunch up like normal, but also bring your toosh off the ground as well. Thus crunching from the bottom and top. It’s a killer.


20 scissor kicks-lift your head and support with hands. Lift legs off the ground and scissor kick your feet back and forth. Count, increase, on one foot only. (yes this is me…yes it’s me in my pjs)


25 side crunches–each side–while laying down on your back get into a ‘regular’ crunch position. Then let your legs, glued together, fall to the right side so that they’re on the ground. You don’t need to turn your whole entire torso with it. Simply crunch up with your legs to one side. You should feel it on the side part of your abs.

30 jumping jacks

50 jump ropes

10 pushups

*remember it’s three times through.

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