Soccer = Amazingly exhausted

I am writing this post at 4:35pm with extremley tight quads, tired eyes, and a happy soul that I played today.

I got up and scooted over to a teammate Brenda’s house. She does animal photography. How awesome is that!!!! I am so inspired by people who do things which they love. It’s where I want to end up at some point in my life. What do you do? I do something I love!

We got to the soccer field and I have to admit that I was pretty scared driving to the soccer field and before the game began. I looked over to see where my name was on the starting line-up…FORWARD! WHAT?@?@?@?@ Are you off your rocker?

When I was playing soccer before, I only ever played goalie or defender..cause I couldn’t run. I was shocked that I was put in as forward and then mid-field. I need to work on my endurance…thus I will be evaluating my 30 Day Shred…and re-thinking my Weekly Workouts.

Post-Soccer with my friend Lacey (notice the black electrical tape on my ear piercing..attractive)


My heels after wearing new soccer boots..they were screaming when I hopped into the shower.

I came hungry. I need to take something with me during the game to replenish my stores. I snacked on two gummy worms–not good–but I needed something. Thus, I came home and made chicken w/ zuch, onion, spinach, mushrooms tossed w/ lettuce, avocado, tomato. I fry up the chicken and things and then let them cool down for about five minutes before tossing w/ salad.


I then headed to the markets and found what little energy I had left to get some veg for the week. I’ve been keeping myself on a budget, so I only got what I needed. I have 5.00 left for the rest of the week (Mon-Fri) but I don’t need to go out for anything so that’s good!


I snacked on some almond, apple and grapes after my market run. Then while making my dinner, I ate a hard boiled egg and pounded some water. Well, I am making something amazing in my house right now, revolving around this beast. My house smells amazing. Recipe later.

P1011191Need to go and change my laundry and hang up the wet ones. But first a much needed nap!

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