My life on an Excel Spreadsheet

Last night I wrote about creating my Annual Review which was sparked by visiting Chris Guillebeau’s website. How amazing was it this morning to wake up with a comment from him? Are you kidding me? WOW! <smile>

So I thought I’d share with you a bit from my actual spreadsheet that I’ve written in. I think that sharing with you will perhaps give you a bit more insight into what this excel document is and how easy it is to write everything down. I LOVE ORGANISATION! I am a freak for things like this. Even if you only kinda like organisation or hate it…I think that this spreadsheet is organising spectrum loving.

This is the part of the top part of the spreadsheet, where I listed my purpose for this year. You also see that you do reviews during the spring, summer, fall, winter. So you can put dates in there as well as to when those will fall for you. Since I started in May it wouldn’t follow a normal annual year pattern–I am non-conformist like that. But I think it’s good to review your goals, especially if they’re ‘ongoing’ and/or if they are longer-term and/or you should have met them during that review period. Accountability!


Then below that, there’s the overall categories of focus that I want this year.


Each of the categories are broken down into more focused goals, then specific actions to obtain those goals, and a deadline (it’s too the right of the actions needed)


Then there’s some additional goals which might work for me this year, we’ll see.


Well, that’s a little sample into what I am hoping to take with me in the next year. It’s pretty exciting really and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I can keep things like this on a 2 page spread which I can take with me wherever. If I end up staying or I end up leaving Australia my goals are something which I can accomplish anywhere.

I’ll leave with you another quote from my new favourite ‘LoveLife’ book by Dan Zadra & Kristel Wills. (picking a random page as I write)

I have enjoyed life a lot more by saying yes than saying no. ~Richard Branson

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