SJC Day 9 May 11

Day 9 May 11

20 TableTop Kick-Back–each side
You want to start in ‘table top position’ and keep your leg bent at a 90 degree angle. Your are going to be lifting your knee up to your bumm, then back down about 1/2 way. DON’T go FAST. Slow and controlled. You’ll feel it in your bump and hammies.

20 Leg Shooters–each side


10 pushups

20 TableTop Straight Leg Raises–each side
With this you want your leg straight and toe pointed. Raise your leg so that it’s straight with your bumm and lower about half-way. Again, slow and controlled.


20 TableTop 90 degree side leg raises–each side
You start out in tabletop position with your legs at 90 degrees on the floor. Lift your leg out to the side still in a 90 degree angle as high as you can go. Then bring it back in about 3/4 of the way. Again slow and controlled. You’ll feel this on your outer thigh.

10 pushups

3 thoughts on “SJC Day 9 May 11

    • Mish says:

      I abs are still hurting. Today’s isn’t as hard. But the leg shooters are back…add a 4lbs weight down by your knee when doing the leg shooters and you’ll wanna die. 🙂

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