I am a Rooster

I woke up this morning at 4am, with my heart racing, sweating, tossing and turning. I woke up dreaming about sausage and cheese skewers..really?

Anyways I was WIDE awake…basically a rooster waiting for the sun to rise. I went and chatted to my friend Teri, who I adore, about my issues with food, my binging, how I still have residual emotional strings from my ex, how I am TIRED of being deprived with food, how I am exhausted with trying everything and not getting any results, how I want to go home and watch cable at my mom’s house. I cried..sobbed..and her words did nothing but comfort me. I should note that true friends are the ones who cross any bridge with their spirit. I met Teri in 2005 and we were only friends for about 6 months and then I moved away. However, she has been the most amazing support system for me throughout the last THREE years. I haven’t seen here in THREE years..that’s amazing.

I felt better after talking to her and then proceeded to do today’s SJC and eat an egg white omlete w/ spinach, mush, onnion and 1 TB of my yogurt cheese.


I came to work actually refreshed. Ervina, my amazing co-worker, had this necklace last week that she didn’t really like. However she goes ‘Mish I am thinking about taking this necklace apart and using the beads to make something else. What do you want?’ I responded ‘Something gold’..because I have a lot of silver things. She surprised me with this today….


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