SJC Day 10 May 13

SJC Day 10 May 13

I am writing this while I am sick at home. However, I know that I need to do something today..well I’ve baked muffins does that count?

Plank- 15 seconds
Make sure to keep your shoulders over your wrists. Keep your back flat…you’re a plank, a board. Focus on keeping your abs held in tight.


Frog Crunch–25 times
Use your abs to lift, LIFT, your shoulders off the ground. Make sure to look up and keep your elbows behind your ears.

Frog Crunch1Frog Crunch2


Single Leg Lift and Squat- 15 each side
Place hands behind the back and tip forward until back is parallel to the floor and flat, abs braced. Take right leg out to the side, resting on toe. Squat down with the left leg while simultaneously lifting the right leg a few inches off the ground and out to the side, leg straight. Straighten and repeat for all reps before switching sides.

30 chair squats
With your feet together, squat down as though you were going to sit in a chair. Slow and controlled.

10 pushups

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