I almost burned my chicken tonight. I was sitting at my computer and then all of the sudden it hit me and I go ‘S–T my CHICKEN!’ I ran to the oven and to my surprise it wasn’t totally burned.

Lets back track a bit. I have been trying to save money. SO, when I saw that this whole corn fed organic chicken was only $4.00 I had to buy it!


It was originally $14.00…I am a bargain shopper. Thank you grandma. Then I saw fresh basil on sale for 2 dollars and 1 lemon .98 cents. So about 6.98 for a whole chicken which will give me about 5meals…1.20 per meal 🙂


Take a handful of basil and shove inside of the chicken. Take the lemon, cut in 1/2 and squeeze on 1/2 over the top. This is what I use instead of oil.


I just salt, pepper and put a little dried sage over the top.


Then I took two bamboo skewers and placed them through the legs so that they don’t fall off the body when they’re baking. You can also use string. Ohh, the black thing is a flat baking sheet thing that it essentially re-usable wax/baking paper. It’s amazing..you need to get one.

I covered it with aluminum foil for about 1 1/2 hours at 170/340F. Then I took off the aluminum foil and baked for about 30 minutes more..in theory. However, mine was about 60 minutes..opps.


Cut it up and this is what I get to snack on/eat throughout the week!


That’s all I’ve got for you today! My chicken is tasty I might add. There’s something amazing about picking pieces of meat off of the bone..maybe we all have a little cavewoman still in us 🙂

Tomorrow: first day of trusting myself…I am scared..but happy!ch

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