I can’t TASTE anything

My sinuses are totally clogged. I am getting sicker and sicker…dang it.

Before my nose clogged I had rice noddles w/ stir fried veggies and chicken from last night.


I am still learning my boundaries when it comes to food and when I am hungry. As I’ve written before I am learning to trust myself and get rid of counting points. I did pretty good today. After lunch I had 2 rice cakes about 3 hours later. But then I started baking around 4:30pm…which is always a hard time for me anyways. Either way…I didn’t binge which is huge for me. Also, I didn’t feel horrible about the fact that I had a little square of this awesome No Bake Oat Chocolate Bar.


I was a bit hungry..so I busted out the rice noodles again and basically the same thing above..except I added chilli to try and make it clear my nose..however to no avail. I added 1 TB of peanut butter.

I want my senses back dang it!!!!

I am going to go lay in bed with some fruit and ginger tea. I am going to be watching Cold Mountain…I am exhausted. I am not doing the SJC for today but am hoping that I feel much better tomorrow morning. I will make it up don’t you worry. I also have big news for you tomorrow 🙂

Bring on the Vicks Rub baby!

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