Dear Diet Sweeteners

Today has been a fabulous day for me and food. I finally trusted myself.

3/4 c. of oats w/ 1 banana. I actually woke up at 10am and went running and did SJC.

P1011282So this was actually Lunch and Breakfast.


This apple, plus another one that I got at the markets.


I went to the markets and picked up my veggies for the week. What is that HUGE bunch of things growing on my’s Kale. I am going to start making green monsters. Apparently they’re good. We’ll see 🙂


I got some rhubarb and am hoping to add it to my oatmeal. Pumpkin is my dear friend. If you haven’t started to put pumpkin in your need to TODAY!

I decided to bake again. HA! I have been baking quite a bit. It’s a chocolate cake made with this icing from this amazing Strawberry Shortcake Cake. I tried to make the actual cake last night..but failed miserably. Today’s cake was a much better hit.

I had about 1 TB of cake before it was done along with 2TB of icing–naughty. I had three bites of this slice and put the fork down. It was delicious..but I didn’t want any more! I was proud of myself. I didn’t bake binge..I didn’t even want to. Finally releasing the crazy dieter in me.

I went to see Elegy tonight. It was an interesting movie. Great movie, a bit racy, but interesting. Penelope Cruz is gorgeous. I really like Ben Kingsley. I decided that I wanted a snack, so I packed about 1c. of red grapes and 1/2 carrot and some cucumber slices.

I also bought a coke zero..not good. I am not too sure what has gotten into my lately, but I’ve a Diet Coke, two Diet Sprites and now this. No artificial sweeteners. I left the movie theater with a bloated stomach…not good.

I went out to a local Vietnamese Restaurant tonight with my American Friend Sarah. We had some great food.

Fresh Veg. Rice Paper Rolls–amazing. I had one

Chili Ginger Scallops

Beef spicy soup thing..good

Also, stir fried vegetables. I probably had about 3/4 c. of rice and some rice noodles and healthy servings of the others. I stopped when I was full. I was proud of myself actually.

We then headed out for drinks..I got a ginger was awesome.

It is so nice talking to Sarah. It’s been hard to adjust sometimes to Australia. People are nice, but I defiantly have not found my niche. I spend a majority of my time with people I work with..which is fine..but I struggle to find people who understand me. Sarah is American so that there’s a common understanding and she’s someone who I admire and look up to. She makes me smile.

Ok, my eyes are burning out of my head..I am so tired. I ended the day with another small apple instead of cake 🙂 I have a 90 minute soccer game tomorrow against a team that’s two divisions higher..I might die.

Sweet Dreams! ~M

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