Guest of Honour & Fav Blogs


I got invited over for dinner tonight to one of the houses full of study abroad students. They had hot subs (right side of chicken is my only slice). I brought along my own dinner and had some of their salad w/ 1/2 TB of balsamic dressing. I steamed Kale…after my disaster this afternoon I had to start using some of it up. It was good. I had about 1 thigh of chicken and1 c. of cooked pumpkin. It looks like a lot of food, but it didn’t really fill me up at all…nope not at all.

I then had a little serve of this Australian dessert called Pavlova. It’s a merignue cake filled with whipped cream and topped with fruit. Decadent.


I was still hungry. So I caved and ate about 8 of these thin rice cakes and two more topped with cheese along with some chips. YIKES..At least they’re only 25 calories per rice cakes..but that’s probably about another 400 calories post dinner. I think that my body is telling me 1. I need to stop eating like I am on a bloody diet 2. I need to be drinking more water.


I know I know…I am still re-working this whole ‘dieter’ mentality and learning my boundaries. I didn’t want to have rice tonight for dinner because I felt that it would be too much. I needed the rice.

Before dinner I went and walked a cute little dog. So today I did the following exercise:

  • 60 minutes of a soccer game
  • 1 1/2 hr. walk
  • SJC for Saturday–making it up sorry

That’s a lot of exercise..and honestly I haven’t drank enough water. But I am giving myself room to be ok, and I am learning about what I need to fuel my body.

Ok, so some of my favourite blogs?

Ohsheglows–fashion, food, exercise…I LOVE this blog!

The Pioneer Woman–Obsessed…slightly..with this. Photography, amazing food, hilarious story, a love story to make you melt, just a great writer.

A Reservation for Six–a woman who perdiocally posts about the craziness of being a mom of four. Honest, funny, raw.

Eat, Live, Run–exercise, healthy eating and recently I feel a bit more open about her life due to a pretty tragic accident. I feel like she’s growing and I like reading through her posts. Her link was given to me by a friend on Facebook..thus the first blog I started reading.

Roni’s Weigh–I love Roni. She’s fantastic. She posts on this blog about her life, goals, weight, exercise..everything. I love her openness and frank approach. She also has another blog GreenLittleBites which is about healthy recipes.

Smitten Kitchen–delicious recipes.

Healthy Tipping Point–she’s just real. excercise, race trainings, reality TV.

Learn Run Eat Repeat–she’s young and learning about her life. It’s been fun to follow her. She’s my SJC cheering squad and her name is Michelle..hello who couldn’t ask for more?

One thought on “Guest of Honour & Fav Blogs

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, I’m so excited to make your list of favorites! It’s been great following your blog as well. BTW, I love the new design of your headers at the top of the page. Pretty colors!

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