30 minutes to get ready!

I had all of these good intentions of getting up at 5am to do a quick run and SJC (I need to make-up Saturdays)..however I pressed snooze enough times that my alarm stopped working and I woke up at 6:47am! I had to be out the door at 7:15am to pick up a car for my friend at the mechanics and then head to an appointment.

So breakfast this morning was two rice cakes, 1 TB of peanut butter and 1 huge banana.


As I was speed walking to get the car, this is the gorgeous morning that I was enable to enjoy. Thank goodness for the brisk morning…I needed to wake-up!


My appointment went great. I am seeing this amazing counsellor and working through tons of things. It’s amazing how many things in our lives are created do to our upbringing. I am learning to let down some walls. I left the appointment exhausted. Have you ever had those intense converstations where you’re so thankful that you had them, but you’re exhausted? I got in the car and just started bawling..I finally feel like I AM ME AGAIN! I am getting my fire back, my wings back. I just want to fly!

I came back STARVING..so I had a face…a face? Two cute little apples and 1 small hard boiled egg…what would you make the face be today if you could complete it?


I also had a cute little chocolate. It was divine.


The thing that’s happened since I stopped worrying about points and WeightWatchers related things…is that I wont make bargains with myself when it comes to food. I just enjoyed the piece of chocolate and that’s all. I didn’t think..ok I’ll have four of them..but will only eat salad for lunch. I had one..and that was enough. Slowly changing and winning the battle πŸ™‚

Anyways, plowing through work. I am hungry again, but am going to wait for lunch..not too sure what it’s going to be.

Here I am,
Where I ought to be.
~Louse Enrich

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