Watch this NOW!

I was reading Caitlin’s blog post on ending ‘fat talk’. Great post…her blog has been speaking to me lately..I am so thankful that I read her blog.

Here’s the video that she has posted. You need to spread this video to all women. It’s powerful..I got teary.

One thought on “Watch this NOW!

  1. Yin says:

    Thanks for the video Michelle!!

    Although, I do think *sometimes* (only sometimes) “fat talk” gets a bad rep… I consistently use some of the phrases in that video, but in a honest manner (because c’mon, I AM too fat to wear my swimsuit from high school… not because I’m what society deems as “fat”, but because I’ve gone up a size since high school and the phrase “too fat for this suit” is an accurate assessment of the situation!)

    In any case, you’re looking AMAZING! Keep it up sweetie!!

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