What does it really mean to love?

Love (luhv): a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or yourself)

I woke up this morning to some pretty amazing blog posts.

As I’ve posted before, I have gone through a lot in the past couple of months…and have lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years. What has happened in the past five months is a deep binging, hating myself pattern.

Fat Talk. Self Disgust.

Silence Michelle, Silence…BUT HOW?

Caitlin has devoted her day yesterday to silencing fat talk and gulity eating patterns.
Ending Fat Talk:

Here’s Jillian’s (Michaels–30 Day Shred) tips for ending Fat Talk:

  • Don’t compare your body to others.
  • Appreciate your body for what it can do.
  • Turn a negative into a positive.  Instead of “I’m stocky,” try “I’m strong!”
  • Never Fat Talk in front of your kids or friends.That Jillian Michaels is so wise.  I love her!

I’d love it we could all comment with some ANTI-Fat Talk on our bodies.  Plus, give yourself a compliment that has NOTHING to do with your physical appearance. Because after all, you’re more than just your body!

I love that…taking what you have and making compliments about them. I can not tell you how many mornings I wake up to ‘you’re fat, your stomach isn’t flat enough, you have love handles, lets just put a sweatshirt on because nothing will look good anyways’. NOT ANYMORE.

What do I love about myself?

1. I love my collarbones
2. I love that I have fire

What do you love about yourself? Seriously…what do you love about yourself.

I posted a video last night that was put together to educate about the damaging effects of ‘Fat Talk’ in our society. I love made my teary. I beg you to spread it around, share with women/men/students..whoever. The scariest thing that I read was ’10 million women suffer from Anorexia and Bulimia. That’s more than breast cancer’.

Then she ended her blog posts last night with Guilt: Internal Fat Talk

Guilt is internal Fat Talk. It is shaming yourself for not meeting a perfectionist ideal that is unattainable and determined by the rigid standards our society has created! If you wouldn’t say it out loud to a friend, why would you say it to yourself?

Maybe right now you’re thinking: “But a little guilt can be a GOOD thing!” or “Guilt is a normal reaction to indulging!” But, if guilt was healthy or “normal,” it would be PRODUCTIVE and it would make you HAPPY.

Do you find yourself feeling guilty over food a lot?  Well, then — you’re repeating the same actions over and over again, and clearly… Guilt isn’t productive, it doesn’t work, and it only serves to lower your self -esteem. Guilt is a waste of time and takes away from productive things you could be doing with your time — meditating, studying, sleeping, calling your friends on the phone, and more.

OMG..welcome to my day pretty much everyday. I let go of the guilt today and eat a fun sized chocolate. The most amazing thing is..that since I let go of the guilt…I just said ‘enjoy it’ and then I didn’t want anymore. Having the urge to eat more..especially in the binge framework is due to oppression and guilt. If you just enjoy the simply and controlled indulgence once in awhile..WHO CARES.

As a woman, someone who works with students, hopefully a mother, a loving and supportive partner….I have to start loving myself. I want my self-love to ooze out of my pores and infect other people to love on themselves. The most important thing in the world is taking care of yourself. Even if you’re taking care of have to take care of you.

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