Wind Whipped!

Winter has FINALLY arrived in Fremantle. When I say arrived..I mean horizontal sheets of rain, skirts flying up and umbrellas inverted. I thought that I could use my umbrella to avoid getting drenched, but the wind inverted it about 10 seconds after I walked outside. Thus, today’s hair has the ‘wind whipped’ look.


I have had a great day. I woke up this morning to some pretty amazing blog posts..sat there crying a bit. I feel like I am finally beginning to release the negative monster in my head. I am starting to love myself. With that I started off my day with a huge vegetable 6 egg white omelet and the LAST 😦 Pumpkin Banana Muffin!


I then got a huge decaf long black/american w/ a splash of soy.


Sushi and grapes for lunch. Sushi was chicken w/ cucumber and avocado with wasabi. Do you love wasabi? I LOVE IT..I love the shot of burn in the nose. It’s addictive.


I came home after getting my lunch to find an awesome package from my friend Shannon. Getting mail while you’re away from home is pretty much like winning the lottery. She put a little note in there which I really liked.


I love the line ‘Oh well-life is fluid, and thank God for that!’

Snack was 2 dates (only one pictures) and some carob covered rice crackers.


As well as the last Coke Zero I am going to have (tear)

I also enjoyed a small little Australian chocolate bar. I enjoyed this chocolate bar and instead of feeling guilty about it..I enjoyed it. I didn’t want another one..small baby steps.

I always come home from work starving. I have learned that it’s not about filling up, it’s about tying me over. So I have 1 apple and a few almonds and walnuts.


So my night can be summed up in a poem:

I am going to go and make some bread
Eat dinner
Do some yoga
And head to bed

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