I am so happy right now. I went to the naturopath today.

Lets back up.

Lunch: Homemade tomato beef veggie stew w/ 1 piece of gluten free bread and 1 apple.


I had a big cup of the amazing fruit tea with a splash of rice milk and one date before heading to the Naturopath.


I was so excited to go to the nautropath that I wanted to skip through the freezing cold wind and rain to voice how excited I was. This is pretty much summed up in the self-portrait while I was driving to it.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect from him, Jeremy Hill, but I went in with a totally open mind. He did blood work, spun my blood, looked at my blood, took my pulse, measured me, etc.

Some of the results from my scans

  1. Need to take my vitamin B12, calcium, multi-vitamin, iron, vitamin c all the time.
  2. Keep gluten out
  3. I tested WAY positive for Candida. It’s an overgrowth of the yeast in my intestine which causes symptoms such as those with Crohns disease…funny! Things like diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.
  4. I have to go on a seen week detox. Phase 1 ‘Kill Bacteria’: no sugar or alcohol and these things I have to take twice a day for two weeks. Phase 2 ‘Repair Gut‘ : no sugar or alcohol and take more things once I get them from the Naturopath and Phase 3 ‘Detox Liver’ : Liver Detox after I get back from Timor.
  5. Must eliminate sugar, alcohol, reduce fruit to twice a day.
  6. Drink 1 L of h20 and 1L of green tea per day…holy toliet
  7. Lose 20kg or 44.5bs. That will make me out 70kg and 154lbs.
  8. Meditate or do yoga at least 15 minutes per day.

So tonight is my last supper. I came home from the nautropath and told my excited. I had two funsized snickers and an apple with some yogurt w/ rhubarb compote and honey.


I then ate a bit of cake batter while helping Nicole bake a cake. I had to have one last serve of gelato. I had it early so I wouldn’t go to sleep on a gelato belly.


Mint chocolate and Giandiua–hazelnut and dark chocolate. It was amazing and I am going to feel it tomorrow.

I am headed out to dinner with some friends tonight. I plan on having a glass of wine…then tomorrow detox. Now that I finally FINALLY have a bloody answer it all makes sense. I am incredibly determined to keep track of my progress and to begin taking pictures of EVERYTHING that I eat. No more silent more.

Thank god for Naturopaths. I walked away from the doctors office thinking of the things I last wanted to eat, a smile on my face cause I had answers, and the pleasure in knowing that once again ‘Michelle, you are an interesting case. I am not too sure what’s totally wrong, but we’ll get you sorted’ The cold wind and rain was shinned through due to my smile and resurgence of confidence in humanity and my body is screaming for change.

Here’s to no sugar, alcohol, tons of green tea, and 16.5kg of weight to lose.

But first..pour me a glass of wine would’ya!

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