IKEA @ 8am…God save me

I woke up at 7am this morning to go to IKEA at 8am. AWESOME! Nothing like waking up early to hit IKEA.

I have to say that 1. I think that IKEA gets ‘it’ and 2. I had a great day.

Lets start with going to IKEA. I love this place…honestly the place gets what a family needs when they go shopping. If you haven’t been to an IKEA before..you should go. Here are some highlights of the greatness of design and ease..there are so many but lets be honest..don’t you want to see what I purchased?


This is just genius. Place your kids inside, let them play, eat your 3.50 brekky and not worry about them running away.

Wait..did I mention a 3.50 brekky?


So this is what I got..didn’t get any of the meat things. I also had a tea. Brekky 5.40. Honestly..that’s impressivly good.

P1011472It tied me over for about five hours..even with shopping through Ikea. There was tons of eggs..only ate about 2/3 of them. I wasn’t terribly hungry. Before I left the house I had 1 date w/ 2 almonds and 1 rice cake with 1 heaping tablespoon of yogurt to tie me over before I left…it was a 45 minute drive.


Ok. OK. OKAY! Here’s what I got at Ikea. I spent 105.00..opps.


I got some new bigger bowls to match the dishes I already have. I just wanted a big salad or soup bowl. I also got some more tupperware containers to that I can cut up veggies and have them ready for snacking :). A huge coffee mug. Cute plate, cause I always see Caitlin with cute dishes and I couldn’t pass it up.

I LOVE the napkins at Ikea. I also got two different lamp shades for my lamps. I have had green shades for a year and these were only 5.00…got them in the ‘as is’ section of Ikea. Whenever you go to Ikea..go to that place. It’s all the returned stuff marked down. šŸ™‚


This is actually why I went there..the amazing CANDLES. Especially since the weather is turning cold, I love being in a warmed up house with amazing scents. I also got a candle sniffer-outer..it saves candles.


I bought this bamboo as a sign of my new beginning. Finally sorting out what’s going on, going through detox, getting rid of weight in my mind and totally focusing on my healthy way of living. Bamboo is strong, grows slowly and continually sprouts.

Lunch was awesome today…but I need to get my house cleaned and laundry done. Lunch and dinner post later. Have a fantastic day.

Go light a candle..cause I am. Now which scent to choose….

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