SJC Day 21 & 22 May 22nd, 23rd

Day 21 May 22

20 Kick Lungeseach side
30 standing rear leg liftseach side
50 Jumping Jacks
23 wall push-ups
30 Pulsing lunges–each side: get into a lunch position. Go down, hold and pulse your lunge. Instead of going up and down, stay in the bottom half of the lunge and pulse. You’ll feel  it.
30 chair lunges
23 wall push-ups

Day 22 May 23

40 regular crunches
35 side oblique cruncheseach side
25 frog crunches
10 tricep pushups-put your hands close your side. Do a normal pushup. Make sure to not get your elbows to the side, they need to be tucked to your side.arm-chest-shoulder-exercises-4
25 rowing crunches–counting on only one side. Use a heavy book, bunched up towel, beach ball..something to grab onto. Raise up like a regular crunch put then pretend that your rowing to the left, then right, then back down.

20 scissor crunch kicks
10 hands in push-ups–get into a normal push up position, but move your hands so that your fingers are pointing each other. This will work your arms in a different way. Your elbows will point out..that’s ok.

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