I gave into a craving..and I am ok

Today I gave into a craving, a pizza craving. Well actually its because I ordered pizza for a student group meeting which I was having tonight. I started grazing and taking little slivers here and there. I could feel the binge monster kicking in. However I told myself ‘Michelle, have a piece or two, enjoy them and be satisfied’. That’s exactly what I did. 1 piece of cheese, 1 piece of vego w/ a huge salad.

P1011513I feel so empowered. Finally I didn’t deprive myself of anything, I ate a reasonable two pieces and I feel full. 🙂

Today I also snacked on a rice cracker sanwhich with 1 TB of yogurt cheese sprinkled with cinnamon.

1 smallish decaf coffee with a splash of rice milk.


I avoided sugar all day today..even this amazing orange cake thing..man it looked good. I gave it a good smell.

Tonight I am going to go and hang out with my friend Nicole and talk trash..not not trash..work..isn’t that boring. Going to see my pysch tomorrow. Morning interval runs 🙂 Thanks for reading. I am having one of those days where I realise instead of fighting, it’s best to embrace with a splash of moderation.

God the pizza tasted good..wait is there sugar in that?

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