Naked Bird!

After my blog post last night, I had a good chat to my friend Teri back in the states. Thank goodness for mobile phones. It was such a clarity for me speaking with her. Have you ever had those conversations with friends that you think to yourself ‘Thank God I have that person in my life?’. That’s how I ended last night.

I have been sleeping tons lately…I think it’s because I have been going through so much mentally. I could honestly probably sleep at least 10 hours per night and still wake up thinking that I need a nap.

This morning I did wake up a bit late. However, I did the SJC for today…will post later…and made myself an awesome bowl of oats: 2/3 c. of oates, 1 1/3 c. of water, 1 banana, 10 almonds


A big cup of green tea with rice milk.


Lunch was a naked chicken burger salad. 150 g of chicken mince, 1/2 c. of cilantro/coriander leaves minced, 1-2 TB of onions minced–makes two smallish ones. Mash together and there you have a burger. I topped the patty with a fresh salad and sauteed onions/mushrooms…and of course a fried egg.


I was going to put some bloody mustard in it..but mustard has sugar in it..go figure. Then Jaime, my friend who came over to have lunch with me, brought along her homemade pumpkin soup…I devoured it.


Lunch was good..but for some reason I needed a bit of fruit in me. So I snacked on a pear.


I am batteling not giving into the afternoon snack monster which says ‘Michelle you’re’. I am honouring my hunger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I have something new that I created and I showed my friend Jaime today and she goes ‘That is so smart’.

Yeah, I am smart sometimes.

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