Sushi Me…Thank you

I have to say that after my appointment yesterday I feel like I am slowly and peacefully getting out of my dark phase. I think that I may write about it more, or may keep it to myself. Either way…give yourself the room to make mistakes, to love on yourself, and to enjoy the world around you.

Speaking of enjoying, lets get to brekky this morning.

1/2 c. of oats, 1 c. of water, 1 large banana, 1 c. of spinach–wait? spinach? 10ish almonds


While the oats are cooking add the banana and a splash of milk. Add in spinach and cook down. While it’s still on the stove immersion blend it all together. OH MY GOD..I love blended oats..they’re just simply fabulous.

I was starving when I went to lunch with my friend Sarah. I love that woman. She’s in her fortys and she keeps me grounded, protected, and laughing. I love her experience with life and everything that she’s brought me. I pigged out this lunch, but damn it I was hungry.

10 piece of chicken, avocaodo, carrots, and cucumber. HOLD THE MAYO–sick!


The chicken was a little on the fatty side. So I ended up pulling some of the chicken pieces out and de-skinning them. I really don’t like fatty meat. It makes me want to gag. There was a fruit stand next to the sushi place and red grapes were calling me name. I probably didn’t need them, but I got some anyways. It’s better than eating chocolate especially on my detox. 🙂

P1011528Back to the humdrum of work. Looking forward to another one of my AWESOME detoxing shakes I get to drink. I am off to go to soccer practice tonight and review some new bars that I bought that don’t contain sugar. Start looking around your house..what products contain sugar that surprised you?

Oh, by the way, I am going back to Weight Watchers tonight. I have toyed with this for the past five months. One thing that I have realised while I’ve been in Australia is that I haven’t opened myself up to much of a supportive community. Even though I find it hooky, I am ready to go back. Before a normal meeting when I was going last year I would have starved myself and not eaten anything all day..except maybe Jello and some egg whites. Now..I am not approaching weight loss like that. I am approaching it as a life journey. Where I eat when I am hungry so that I can concentrate on things other than numbers and points. I am excited to go back with a different frame of reference…a new way of thinking.

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