Hide n’ Seek Motivation

Hello There.

I have a deep need to write a post about motivation. I went through all of my old blog posts today and created a new tab ‘memorable posts‘ which I have broken down into little categories.

This morning I once again bailed on my running workout. I haven’t gone on any of my training runs this week. I am frustrated with myself. I need to get out of the following routine:

Set alarm: 5:15am
Press snooze button for an hour
Wake up at 6:15am and check blogs
7am starving, don’t do run promise myself after work
Make breakfast, internet search a bit more
Get ready

I need to switch to run and do the SJC in the mornings. I am not really disciplined after work to do working out. Especially running. It’s just me.

So I got to thinking…WHAT MOTIVATES PEOPLE ?

It’s funny because I’ve written posts about this before. The first one is Habits: how to create good ones

1. Talk is cheap..if you let it be

Be focused in your talk ‘I have committed myself to’     instead of ‘I am going to try to’

2. Stop the suffocating thoughts

Change the focus from what you don’t want to what you DO want

3. Visualise success

This one is huge for me. I have a 12k race that I am currently ‘training’ for. It’s over two months away and I am not visualing how I am going to feel at the end. After my 10k race I was on cloud…I need to visualise the end product to get me through the fact that dark cold mornings aren’t super enticing.

4. Keep it up

then come back to the new habit of thought you are creating. Spend another 30 seconds visualizing how it FEELS to be eating healthily and let it go. Keep repeating this process, being gentle with yourself in the moments you eat less than healthily, acknowledging the times when you ARE eating more healthily, and over time you will gradually change your habit for good!

5. Find a peace with yourself

you can change a habit of thought such as “I rarely reach my goals in the timeframe I set, therefore I’m a failure” to “I know my goals are always reached in perfect timing, no matter what.” By being willing to change your perspective, you literally shift your energy from one of resistance to one of relaxation and allowing, and in that shift you become an open vortex for your goals to be realized much more easily, and truly in perfect timing!

I am so glad that I was looking through my posts today because it’s amazing how many things you write about, forget you’ve written about, then find that you ‘needed them’ today!

The other post which I wrote was ‘Ways to stay motivated

1. Give yourself a break

2. Look at how far you’ve come

3. Pick a challenge, target or deadline

4. Hire a coach or personal trainer

5. Read some great quotes

6. Talk or write about your feelings

7. Treat yourself to something nice

8. Have a go at a new exercise or sport

9. Subscribe to blogs which you enjoy, so you get frequent updates

I like these ideas. I think it’s something which brings balance of giving yourself space, looking internally, and looking externally for motivation.

I am going to be thinking about the Five habit forming ideals as well as the Nine ways to motivate. I will get back to you tomorrow about what I am going to be doing.

What motivates you?
Do you set rewards for yourself?
What’s a habit you’d like to change and/or have changed?

(comment, your comments always inspire me)

One thought on “Hide n’ Seek Motivation

  1. Erin says:

    I get motivated to exercise b/c I look at it as “my” time to unwind from my job and life. Plus I want jacked arms someday.

    I don’t reward myself b/c I tend to be overly indulgent and rewarding as it is.

    Um, I forget the 3rd Q!

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