SJC Day 26, 27 May 27, 28

SJC Day 26 May 27

STRETCH. My hammies are so tight right is everything. Give yourself a good 15 minute stretch.

SJC Day 27 May 28

25 TableTop Rear Kick CROSSES- Assume table top rear kick back position


From this position, cross your ‘up’ knee down and over your the outside of your down knees. Thus, if lifting your left leg:

-Start both knees down in Tabletop
-Bring left leg up, bent, so it’s parallel with your rear, as in picture.
-Bring your left knee over, cross, to the outside of your right knee
-Lift Left leg up, so it’s in the position of the picture, then back down again.
-Simply: Start, Up, Cross, Up, Down
25 Table Top Straight Leg Lifts
30 second plank hold
20 pushups
27 leg shooters
25 scissors

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