Driving, Driving, HUNGRY

It’s 2:30pm and I have been in a car driving around from here there and everywhere for the past three hours. I feel like a soccer mom. I think that I got from 94-54 on the Top 80s songs…don’t you love the 80s?

Anyways this morning I started off with a Green Monster: 1 c. of rice milk (no sugar added..make sure to watch that when you’re buying ‘healthier’ milk), 3 c. spinach, 1 pear. DELICIOUS


I also had two rice crackers w/ a smear of Natural Peanut Butter. Again watch the sugar that they put into peanut butter..it’s amazing how they sneak it in.


I snacked on one of the bars that I found which is Gluten and SUGAR free. Again health bars are packed with sugar..so be careful.


In between my three hour driving escapades I picked up an apple and about 1 1/2 c. of those huge red grapes..you know the ones with the seeds? I came hungry. So I made a salad w/ lettuce :), snow peas, yellow capsicum, 2 whole egg whites–no yolk–, 1 huge tomato and some left over soy stirfry. Also 3 rice crackers. I topped it with a splash of balsamic and 1 tsp. of EVOO.


Ok I am off to go put my laundry up on the line..do you hang your laundry or dry it?

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