SJC Day 27 & 29 May 29, 30

SJC Day 27 May 29

25 ‘V’ crunches — Lay in a normal crunch position. Raise your legs straight up. Then split them so they make a ‘v’. Crunch like you normally would.
25 side crunches
each side
25 hip raises — in a crunch position straighten your legs and raise so that the bottom of your feet are ‘touching’ the sky. Now lift your rear off the ground using your abs. Here’s a link of the exercise, you don’t need a bench. Put your hands down to your sides.
30 second plank
20 hands in pushups
15 second side plank
— each side.
Here are some tips:

  • Keep your shoulders stacked one on top of the other creating a straight line through your arms
  • Your chest should be open to the side (not tilted towards the floor or ceiling)
  • Keep your hips stacked – one leg should be resting slightly on the other
  • Your body should be aligned from your spine through your feet

Just remember that the plank can do tremendous things for your body and your core and is one of the most beneficial exercises we do in class. I hope that you grow to love it as much as I do!


30 normal crunch pulses— it means that instead of going down and up for the normal crunch. Go from middle to up, middle to up. Thus keeping a more contracted ab area.
10 triceps pushups

SJC Day 28 May 30

Polly has some great videos for yoga. Let’s do the ‘Yoga For Yummy Abs’

20 Leg Shooters on each side
15 Table Top Rear Kick back Crosses on each side
Do these two leg work outs 2 times through

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