Two Men

After my awesome lunch I needed some more food to power me through my laundry hanging, shopping excursion.

I snacked on a pear and an awesome bar.


I then went out and hit the stores. I mentioned that one of my goals for changing my habits was a new skirt. However, I found this dress on sale for 50.00 instead of 130.00. I like it!


So, lets cross our fingers that the dress is there in three weeks (which it should be) cause it’s Fremantle and things don’t really move. I’ve never found a dress like that. It works on me cause it has a highlight waist and broad shoulder design. I can’t do tube tops and stringy straps, they don’t work on my larger frame.

I went grocery shopping today and saw a co-worker walking down the aisles. She looks fantastic. I randomly caught up with her in the check out line and go ‘by the way you look fantastic’.

She goes ‘thank you, I’ve lost 37kg (81lbs).’

She drove me home, because I bought way too much stuff.

In the car I go ‘I have to ask, how did you lose the weight?’

‘One day I decided that I had enough. I am diligent during the week and have what I want on the weekends. It also helps that I have two men in my life :). I just decided that I was ready to be thin and that it was about adding exercise, thinking good about myself, and cutting back’.

It’s so true! That’s honestly all it is..isn’t it?

I have to admit that when I was trying that dress on, which is still the same size I wore before I gained the weight πŸ™‚ I thought to myself..I am actually not as ugly as I think that I am. I actually look and feel good. I have been hiding, literally, behind these frumpy clothes because I don’t have any clothes that I feel fit me anymore. Thus, I feel like crap everyday cycling through the two casual outfits, etc.

Ever felt that way before?

For me it’s not about the food, it’s about how I feel about life and where food plays a part in it. This morning and last night I meditated on all of the things which I was looking forward to. In all of the driving that I did today there were times when I’d slip back into the ‘God, I feel so fat, I just wish that it would be over’ mentality. I would click myself out of it.

Remember, it’s you who has to buy into the idea that YOU can change something. You can succeed in whatever you do, you have to believe in that first. to find TWO men…believe me…I could use it right now πŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Two Men

  1. becca says:

    I think you should buy the dress and hang it where you see it everyday, then as you have to give something up you have something tangible to see why you are doing this. It’s great because you look and feel great in it and that’s what you are looking for from reaching your goal.

    • Mish says:


      I thought about buying actually and doing that. I asked what their return policy was ‘as long as you have the receipt’. I may go down and buy it tomorrow. Thanks for the encouragement and stopping by. It’s hard to pass up something that 1. Makes you feel good. 2. It classy 3. ON SALE!


  2. Xenonmnm says:

    Its gorgeous!!! And you make it look even better! Tres ‘CLASSY’ πŸ˜€ definitely all for the buying and putting it where you see it. Like that on your – what I call my ‘fat thought days’ – you have something to remind you that youre beautiful – INSIDE & OUT! πŸ™‚

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