Today is one of those days when you are thankful..right now..that you’re single and childless. Why? Cause I don’t have the stamina. I know that having a partner and having children is a slow adaptive process..but man being a parent is full-on.

After my grumpy morning, I went for a quick jog around the block and got caught up with the SJC. I have to say though that I really REALLY wanted to BINGE today but I didn’t give into it AT ALL. 🙂 I did have two of these granola bars.

I asked myself ‘Michelle, why are you wanting to binge?’ and I honestly thought back..it’s cause you don’t want to work out. GET YOUR ASS OUT ON THE PAVEMENT..it’s exactly what I did. No binge for me.

Lunch was a huge sushi roll with just cucumbers and 1 apple–organic pink lady and I think I fell back in love with organic apples–SO MUCH BETTER.

P1011593I met up with Lou to discuss how her 20 month experience in Timor was like. She went up as a voluenteer and then got a paid position with the Minestry of Education. She was fabulous..I told her I’d put her on the blog..she’d be famous. She didn’t understand why I was taking pictures..most people don’t.

P1011594I snacked on some grapes from the markets..they made me feel ill. Too much sugar in them. Damn it.

I then went over to my friend Sarah’s house (american) to take her adorable five year old boy to the park. Adorable.

P1011595P1011598‘Michelle, this is my favorite part of the park’. I know Lochlain. A man after my own heart. I do recall a night when I was a little drunk on the champagne, jumping on the exact swings….

We also went to ColdRock, same as ColdStone, and got L a kiddie ‘Bubblegum w/ mini m&m’s and gummi bears’. I had one bite of it..that’s it…and I felt it.

Went over for dinner at Sarah’s house. Did I mention the she’s an amazing cook. She makes this amazing sourdough bread–no sugar :). She’s had the same sourdough starter for six years. I had three small piece throughout the night. I can’t resist fresh bread.

P1011599Lochlain and I played checkers and slap. We had a good day. Dinner was awesome. Oven baked fish strips (for me) with a yummy salad topped with balsamic and a baked sweet potato.

P1011604P1011611As I was leaving

Lochlain goes ‘Michelle, are you having babies?’

I respond back ‘not until I find a man.’

He looks at me, pauses and goes ‘I’ll be your husband.’

4 thoughts on “Swinging

  1. Esther says:

    Enjoy life at each stage… honestly now that I see how demanding being a parent is, my mission is to tell all my childless friends to enjoy the ability to be spontaneous because kids definitely slow things down (although I’m already dragging little Jude all over the place – but it certainly takes longer to get ready & get going!). AND congrats on saying no to the binge!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Your Wallaby bars look good! Congrats on your no binging day, your food looks great! And how sweet of Lochlain to offer to be your husband! Little kids say the cutest things.

  3. Mish says:

    Thank you. Drinking my celebratory coffee right now. I finally feel like I am getting it together. Man if feels amazing. Thanks for reading and commenting..it keeps me going.

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