Late night SHOPPING

WINNER…I lost 1.5kg, 3.3lbs, this week. What’s a girl to do?

Go out for dinner!


After dinner I had an urge to go late night store style. Do you ever have that urge? Well in the lovely backwards state of Western Australia all grocery stores close at 6pm…or you go to the ones which are open til 9pm and pay double..that’s what I did.

Pitta calming tea–Aruveydic terminology for ya. I am a SCREAMING Pitta.

P1011648P1011649I am excited to try it. I will have some tomorrow morning and let you know how it is.

Bought some awesome Vegan and Vegetarian ‘butter’ spread by Nuttelex! I love it. It’s smooth and doesn’t taste preserved. Someone told me that flies wont land on margarine because they don’t recognise it’s food.


I have seen these chips about three other times and I had to buy them tonight. Organic Beetroot chips.


They were ok. They were almost too salty and a little bit bitter. They have a sweet potato one. I might have to try them.

Ok…if you haven’t checked out the AUSTRALIAN so now. I am shipping a huge ‘care package’ to whomever wins…wherever they live.

You can also follow me on Twitter.

Off to bed. Getting up for an early morning run. Yes I will.

2 thoughts on “Late night SHOPPING

  1. Mish says:

    I miss the 24 hours grocery stores. There’s nothing like going to get baking supplies in the middle of the night 🙂 They did have brillant colour. You should eat them if you don’t…I love them.

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