No Gluten for me

I went to the Naturopath today. I have not been feeling all that well recently. I have not been having the best tummy in the world and have been feeling so tired. I remember this feeling when I started eating whatever I wanted back in January. Then went to the gastro doctor because I wasn’t feeling well. However, I haven’t been eating whatever I’ve wanted. The only thing which is similar is that I’ve been eating oats almost every single morning. I even bough the ‘Free From Wheat’ oats…because most processing of oats includes wheat. However, some people who can’t handle gluten, who have Celiacs Disease, can’t handle oats and my friend said that almost 75% are lactose intolerant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went and asked for a Celiacs test and low and behold…I test positive!!!!!!!!

Thus, kids…. Yeast imbalance due to Candida and now Celiacs Disease. Fantastic!

I came home starving and had a huge garden burger salad w/ fried onions, mushrooms and zuch. which had been sprinkled with turmeric. I added 1/2 an avocado and 1 small tomato and 1/4 c. of the Skinny Hummus.

P1011663I got so many compliments on it. I’ll have to make it again 🙂 Except this time I’ll have to make my own gardenburgers because after I had eaten it I read the label and it had wheat it it!

I then went and got a fruit salad, because I could feel a binge coming on. Stress induces my need to binge. I wanted to shove a package of cookies in my face..I didn’t. I did however eat some jam..I know. I know. I didn’t go and get the ice cream I could have. Instead I texted a friend and e-mailed another. That helped. Focusing on what I am looking forward to tonight: shopping for the stuff for the giveaway winner (announced later) and doing 45 min of yoga is keeping me grounded right now!


I am going to update my Detoxing the Gut tab tonight as well…cause I have a whole nother regime to do.

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