SJC Day 32, 33 June 3 & 4

Day 32 June 3

Set 1: Dance around your house to this song. Set 2: 40 high knees Set 3: 40 Jump ropes

10 sets of ‘Squat Buster’

  • Chair squat–feet together like you’re sitting in a chair
  • Squat–open feet to hipwidth
  • Plie Squat–angle feet out from squat position for Plie position
  • Plie squat
  • Squat
  • Chair squat

It’s chair, squat, plie, plie, squat, chair. That’s 1 set. You’ll feel it
25 wall pushups
25 pulsing lunges–each side. In a lunge position go all the way down and only 1/2 way up. Pulse up and down in the range.
30 Standing rear leg raises–each side
40 regular crunches

Day 33 June 4

This 8 minute ab workout..and some stretching! Yeah I’s a bit dated.

2 thoughts on “SJC Day 32, 33 June 3 & 4

  1. Ashley says:

    That’s looks like a good workout! I really need to do some ab work… I always skip it when I’m at the gym becase I never be bothered. Might try the video!

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