Blue-Tounged WAR

Hey there,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Honestly my camera battery was dead and I kept forgetting to charge it up. Also, I didn’t feel like posting yesterday just needed a day of non-blogging.

Well I am back into full swing.

I am in a compeition of sorts. Tomorrow Sean and I are going to be making a full dinner for FIFTY people..WAR of the dinners. We have to adhere to the following rules:

  • Appetiser, Main, Dessert
  • Each has to have a gluten-free option
  • He has to use walnuts
  • I have to use cayenne pepper
  • Red, White, Blue all have to show up some how in the stuff we make

That’s right we’re cooking for fifty! Actually we’re both making 25 serves and doing 1/2 serves for everyone..aren’t they lucky?

Pre-shopping I had a 1/2 carrot w/ hummus and 1 rice cake w/ a smear of hummus. It’s the skinny hummus recipe w/ 1 heaping tsp. of turmeric.

P1011676P1011678We then headed out to the shops for groceries. He’s just my cart full of stuff.

P1011679I snacked on an apple while I waited for Sean to get everything done.

P1011680Sean and I went to this awesome grocery store down the Street called Kakula Sisters. They have extensive world-wide food, bulk food and I even found some cereal I can eat 🙂 –no sugar WINNER. Here are some pics of the store’s amazing cheese and olive selection. I got some of the danish feta for tomorrow’s dinner.

P1011681P1011682This is my competition and our loot.

P1011683P1011684I came home starving. I sauteed some veggies in water, then rolled them up in this awesome bread wrap I found–gluten and sugar free 🙂 I spread 2 heaping TB of skinny hummus on them w/ 1/4 of an avocado.

P1011685P1011686P1011688I then started baking a cake…with sprinkles and jello. I am not going to give much more away. But lets say that Nicole liked the sprinkles.

P1011689P1011695P1011697Lets just call this a ‘Blue Tounged War’.

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